Omnititles was founded in 1984 by Jeswyn Jones, a pioneer in subtitling, with experience stretching back to the 1950s.  Her first job was Vadim’s ‘And God Created Woman’ in 1956, when the main medium was 35mm film…and an Editola, wax crayon and white gloves were the basic tools of the trade.

In 1991, Jeswyn was joined by Isabelle Geesen-Leigh who had just completed a Masters in Translation and Interpreting at Surrey University. In 1997, Isabelle took over Omnititles on Jeswyn’s retirement.

Subtitling has come a long way since the early days, but Omnititles’ aim remains the same: to translate and condense, whilst remaining as close in meaning and feeling to the original as possible; to place subtitles with precision (‘spotting’), whilst bearing in mind shot changes and other visual constraints. This is an art that requires years of experience to perfect.  

Our criterion remains: did the viewer find the titles obtrusive or were they, as they should be, barely noticed? 

Omnititles today does subtitling and nothing else – into English from any foreign language and from English into the major European languages (French, German, Spanish and Italian). We serve the commercial cinema, TV (terrestrial and satellite) and DVD markets. 

As ever, quality is at the heart of our work. All our titles are developed and checked for accuracy with native speakers; and we carefully research all proper names and terms.